Smarter Design, Better Built

Welded Joints, Stronger Than Bolted Joints

Road Runner Trailers Mfg. Ltd.Unlike our competitors, our frames are welded solid, not bolted together. This makes our trailers stronger and eliminates the possibility of bolt breakage and trailer racking. Trust your boat to a better built trailer.

100% Galvanized Finish Defeats Rust

Road Runner Trailers Mfg. Ltd.Every Road Runner trailer has a hot-dipped galvanized finish. All steel components are completely submersed into a 42 ft. tank. It is the most effective protection of steel against corrosion, as the steel substrate is metallurgically bonded to several layers of a zinc-iron alloy and an outer layer of zinc. Unlike paint finishes, if small areas of the galvanizing are accidentally damaged during handling, the zinc “sacrifices” itself by corroding slowly over decades and electrolytically protects the steel from rusting.

Spring Leaf Suspension Tested and Proven

Road Runner Trailers Mfg. Ltd.Some of our competitors are pushing Torsion Bar Suspension. Not us. We like our system, it doesn’t bounce when towed empty. It not only costs a lot less, but you don’t have to replace the whole suspension system if it needs repaired. Also, the rubber inserts in the torsion system lose memory and strength if a loaded trailer sits idle for an extended period of time. At ROAD RUNNER, we use simple, tried, and practical technology the kind that makes sense.

Specification Sheet

See our specification sheet below for our road runner standard single, tandem, and tri-axle trailer models.” RoadRunnerSpecSheet

Choose from our three types of self-pivoting, adjustable hull support systems:


Road Runner Trailers Mfg. Ltd.Bunk trailers are most economical and offer excellent hull support. The trailer will need to be backed further into the water for the boat to float off and on compared to roller support systems. This is ideal for recreational use where people have access to a decent launch and can plan launching in moderate tides.


Road Runner Trailers Mfg. Ltd.Roller-bunk support is the hybrid system giving you the support of the bunks on the back of the trailer where it’s most needed during transportation, and rollers on the front for stress-free launching.


Road Runner Trailers Mfg. Ltd.The full roller support system is commonly used for launching in shallow ramps or for people frequently running into difficult launching situations. We use U.S. made, non-marking hull rollers that won’t scratch or mark hulls. They are constructed of thermal plasticized rubber. They are stronger and more durable than traditional rubber. And are softer and more pliant than polyurethane.

Accessories & Upgrades:
  • Vertical loading guides (goal post style)
  • Horizontal full length loading guides
  • Flush kit
  • Teflon bunk slicks
  • LED lights
  • Powerdyne for electric over hydraulic brake application
  • Spare tire
  • Tire mount
  • Disc brakes
  • Swing tongue
  • Tongue jack (not included on models 1000 & 1200)

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